Team 73335
About our Team

Our Values

We are Team DogeYEET from Taichung, Taiwan.

We are a Team!

Although we came from different schools and different places with no sponsors, we are a team, all working towards one goal: To have fun in VEX Robotics!

We Help Others!

We help every team that approaches for support with no exclusion! Whether the team is our closest friends or our worst enemies, we always do our best to help them!

We Have Fun!

Every single one of our team members is joined together by the fun of VEX robotics!

DogeYEET Titans

The Official 73335T Robotics Team

Nick Lin


Max Yu

Lead Mechanical Designer

Andrew Liu

Lead Documenter

Henry Chi

Driver Control Expert

Jerry Guo

Pro Builder


Best Coach Ever

DogeYEET Alpha

The Official 73335A Robotics Team

Wilson Chang

CAD Drawing Expert

Tony Hsu

Lead Documenter

Harman Hsu


Shane Hsu

Best Builder in the Team

Peter Hsu

Pro Programmer


Best Coach Ever

We are joined together by every team member's passion for robotics, and the urge to have fun in the VEX Robotics Competitions!


The small history of a team that dreams big.

  • April 2019

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Both teams started in its team's very first meeting in the Dr. Player Robotics Lab in Taiwan, where all of us have prepared for numerous robotics competitions in different teams. Excluding Nick, none of the members had experience in VEX before, so this is not only the start of our competition preparation, but also the beginning of our VEX experience.

  • September 2019

    Our First VRC Event

    On September 22, 2019, the team attended the TAI-VEX VRC Scrimmage. It is the team's first time ever to compete in a VRC competition. Team Titans ranked second after the qualification matches, and made it to the finals of the elimination brackets with team Alpha, our allianced team.

  • November 2019

    Second Scrimmage

    On November 3rd, 2019, both teams got incredibly stronger than before. The scrimmage's team rosted bumped from merely 6 teams up to 10, but the results are the same. Both team Titans and Alpha went 3 to 1 in qualificiations and allianced with other. We made it to the finals once again, but this time team Titans also won the skills challenge champion!

  • November 2019

    Our First Competition. Ever.

    The team went prepared in the Tai-VEX Tower Takeover Competition in November 23. Team Alpha stand strong as the 4th seed after qualification, while team Titans went through a tough schedule, as the 12th seed after qualifications. Team Alpha selected team 8110C all the way from Mankato West Robotics in Minnesota, while team Titans got picked by the 3rd ranked team. Both team made it to the semi finals.

  • November 2019

    First Excellence Award

    Congulations to team DogeYEET Titans winning the Excellence Award in the Tai-VEX Tower Takeover Event!

  • December 2019

    Our First Worlds Qualifier

    Team 73335T attended its first ever VEX Worlds regional qualifier: the 2019 Formosa Tower Takeover Tournament. The team finished strong, resulting in 5 wins, 2 losts and 1 tie after qulificiation. We got selected by the 3rd seed alliance team 14683C and made it together to the quarter-finals. It was overall a great experience!

  • December 2019

    First Build Award

    Team 73335T was lucky enough to take home the Build Award from the 2019 Formosa Tower Takeover Worlds Qualifier out of 36 teams!

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